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We set for ourselves a mission to cut through the noise of Industry 4.0 marketing buzz and help Moroccan & african companies embrace industry 4.0 by starting from field challenges and drive growth from there.

AUGFIELD Technologies is a System integrator with industrial roots and expertise from its Founders coming from Highly paced and competitive industrial Background such as Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, FMCG and AEC. It includes Real-Time Remote Monitoring for Manufacturing and Smart Cities applications, Augmented/Mixed Reality for Situational Awarness, Virtual Presence using Smartglasses, Assembly by vision, Inspection par Vision, etc.

AUGFIELD Technologies is dedicated and laser focused on delivering Industry 4.0 solutions to its customers helping them achieve Operational Excelence, Reduce Costs and give them competitive Edge through innovation throughout the whole supply chain from Engineering to Logistics.

Some of our Customers


Plant & Buildings 360° Real-Time monitoring & Control

From Top Management all the way down to Field technicians, Everyone needs Accurate, Real-time, Contextual information to make a the right decision at the right time.

360° visibility on what is going on in your operations is powerful to drive improvement, increase productivity and reduce costs at all levels.

Mixed-Reality powered Training

If you have high assets failure risk & cost... If you struggle to train your workers on complex operations in a short time,.. If your best skilled workers retirement is a risk of losing company knowledge and thus competitiveness.. Then this you need to discover this solution NOW.

Remote Expert Virtual Presence

Our Easy-to-implement solution allows you to solve quickly problems and communicate complex instructions in real time, to be virtually present onsite reducing travel cost and delay and finally to scale your expert knowledge anywhere in the world

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